Groundwater Data

     Unit Number


     Permit Number

     Hundred & Parcel



     NRM Region

     Landscape Board

     Prescribed Area


    1. Drilled date

    2. Well depth

      m m
    3. Purpose

    4. Aquifer

    5. Parameter Measured

    6. Obswell Parameters

    7. Status

    8. Prescribed Wells Area

    9. Prescribed Water Resources Area

    10. NRM Region

    11. Class

    12. Water Chemistry

    13. Must contain

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    Single wells by class:
    Blue Water Well
    Green Mineral Well
    Black Stratigraphic Well
    Brown Water Point
    Orange Engineering Well
    Purple Seismic Point Well
    Grey Petroleum Well
    Multiple wells:
    Shows number of wells in cluster. Colours correspond to classes (above).