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Well Details - Elevation

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​SummaryWater ChemistryLithological Log
​Water Level
Construction ​Hydrostratigraphic Log
Salinity ​ElevationStratigraphic Log
Well Yield
Drillers Log
Applied Date
The date from which the reference and ground elevations applies.
A code or concatenation of codes identifying the aquifer(s) in which a water well has been completed. See Aquifer Monitored Codes on the Code Definitions page.
Identifies the class (or type) of the well. A well may have multiple classes. See also Well or Monitoring Point Classification Codes on the Code Definitions page.
Elevation Date
The date on which the ground and or reference point elevations were measured.
Ground Elevation (m AHD)
The Australian Height Datum (AHD) of the ground elevation.
Name of the well, if available.
Also shown on the Water Chemistry tab as the name of the chemical (analyte) corresponding to the chemical code.

Code identifying one or more observation networks to which the well is associated, if applicable.​

Obswell No.

Unique code identifying the water well as ​an observation well, i.e. monitored for water levels. An observation well is associated with the relevant Obswell Network.

Not all water wells are observation wells.

Permit No.
Well construction permit number applicable to the drilling/contruction activity.
The Summary details show only the last permit number issued.
Available when multiple wells are found. Click to navigate to the details of the previous or next well.
Reference Elevation
Reference Elevation in meters AHD (Australian Height Datam). This is the height above sea level, of the reference point for the well.
Reference Point Type
A code identifying the type of reference point. See Reference Point Type Codes on the Code Definitions page.
Unit Number

​First component of the Unit Number is a unique number for the 100,000 map sheet on which a drillhole is located.

Second component of the Unit Number is a unique number identifying the drillhole on the 1:100,000 map sheet