As the largest source of fresh water in the state, it is important to understand the groundwater systems in order to manage risks to water quality and supply.

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Surface water is most commonly found in dams, reservoirs, wetlands, eco systems or as overland flows, such as the River Murray. Find publications, reports and data applications relating to surface water here.

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Strategic Water Information Management System (SWIMS) 

The DEW Water Resource Monitoring Unit manages a large number of water monitoring sites for both surface water and groundwater across South Australia.  The collected water monitoring data serves multiple purposes, ranging from time-critical uses such as managing level, flow and quality of water in the River Murray and provision of flood warning data for emergency responses, through to establishing long term historical trends used for assessment of the sustainability and health of the State’s water resource assets.

The Strategic Water Information Management System (SWIMS) project will bring about a generational change in the way water resource data is collected, managed, reported and presented to customers and stakeholders.

To request more information or to provide your comments and feedback please email the project manager.

There are eight natural resource management (NRM) regions within South Australia, aligning with administrative boundaries. These NRM regions are environmentally diverse and therefore utilise their water resources differently.
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