"Water is our most valuable resource. It's fundamental to our health, our way of life, our economy and our environment." Water for Good Plan

Water planning in South Australia is comprehensive and integrated to ensure long-term security. To achieve this, three distinct plans ensure the sustainable management and use of South Australia's water resources as well as the State's long-term water security.

Whilst these plans are related to each other, they each deliver a different, but equally important purpose. The plans are:

In 2009, the South Australian Government released a comprehensive water security plan, Water for Good. The State's approach to water security is based on the following key priorities:

  • Diversification of our water resources.

  • Improving the way we use water.

  • Modernising the water industry.

  • Improving governance.

The development of these plans is based on the most current scientific information including climate change, groundwater status reports and non-prescribed water resources assessments.

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