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Current Release v1.66 1 June 2018

What has changed in this release

  • Details PageAdded drillhole number, and a link to the SARIG page for that well

What changed in previous releases

Release v1.65 15 March 2018
  • Filter: Added filter option for Parameter Measured
  • Help: Code definitions appears collapsed initially​​

Release v1.64 23/09/2015
  • SalinityAdded collected time column
  • Filter: ​Fixed issue causing PWA filtering to fail

Release v1.63 28/07/2015
  • Export: Changed all CSV & XML exports to be in UTF-8 format

Release v1.61 15/04/2015
  • Export: Fix Salinity export fails for large data sets

  • Print: Fix map layers are not appearing in printouts

Release v1.58 3/2/2015

  • Search Tabs: Added the ability to search by Prescribed Water Resources Area

Release v1.56 31/12/2014

  • Map: Resolved issue using the map in IE10

Release v1.55 14/11/2014

  • Search Tabs: Tabs sequence changed

  • Well Search Details: Permit number moved from far right to between Obs Network and Date Drilled
  • Hydrostratigraphic Log: This tab now includes Depth To (m) and Unit Code
  • Known Issue: A previous issue where some search by NRM Region eg Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges never seem to complete has been resolved. The display is limited to 10,000 wells.
  • Well Details: Added a tab for photographs of the well

Release v1.53 22/10/2014

  • Search Tabs: Two new search tabs Prescribed Wells Area and NRM Region introduced. Shapes search tab merged with Coordinates search tab. Tabs sequence changed.

Release v1.50 11/03/2014

  • Map Layers: Added Adelaide Metropolitan Boundary to list of map layers

Release v1.46 29/01/2014

  • Water Chemistry: Water chemistry now includes all water sample chemistry analysis data (water chemistry data) where available. Previously, only the standard water chemistry analysis data was presented, where available. The Standard Analysis data remains intact; the additional analysis data is referred to as Full Data.

  • Water Chemistry filters: New filters were added to support the additional water chemistry data. You can now filter wells by selecting an Analyte Group, e.g. Pesticides, and/or a Chemical Name or Code, e.g. Aldrin. If you select an Analyte Group, of which Standard Analysis is one, the Chemical Name or Code list is automatically filtered to show only those chemical belonging to the selected Analyte Group.

  • Must Contain filter: the Full Chemical Analysis option has been replaced with Water Chemistry. Select this to filter search results to show wells for which water chemistry data is available.

  • Well Details: The Water Chemistry tab has been updated to include all water chemistry data, where available. This tab now contains two tables: one listing the sample(s) and below this, a table listing the water chemistry results associated with the selected sample. You can sort the sample results table by chemical code, chemical name, analyte group or value by clicking the relevant column heading.

  • Downloads: The Water Chemistry download option now includes all available water chemistry data.

  • Known issue: There is a known issue with scrolling tables in the Well Details view. For a table with a scroll bar, if you scroll down and then attempt to return to the top of the table, the scroller skips the first row. This is a browser issue and we are investigating a solution. In the mean time, you can return to the top row of the table by using the Refresh feature in your browser, e.g. press F5 or click the Refresh button. 

If you experience difficulties with using Groundwater Data after a new release, we recommend that you first clear your browser history and try again. Browser history is usually found by selecting Options on the Tools menu. If the difficulties persist, or you want to report a fault, Contact Us.


Release v1.39 8/08/2013

  • Coordinates search: Now includes lat/long by degrees, minutes and seconds. A dropdown list enables you to select the type of coordinates you want. Previously reported inaccuracies with the coordinates search have been rectified.

  • Hundred & Parcel search: When switching between searching by Title Reference, Hundred and/or Plan/Parcel, the other search fields are cleared automatically.

  • Filter panel: Hide and show options have been added to the filter panel bar, indicating that you can hide and show the filter panel when required.

  • Aquifer filter: You can now select multiple aquifers when filtering search results, by clicking the relevant check boxes.

  • Must Contain filter: The issue with selected Must Contain options not functioning has been fixed.

  • Well Names & Comments: Well Names and Comments are are now available following review and data cleansing; except Salinity comments, which remain unavailable for further review. Affected areas are Well Details and Download Data.

  • Graphs: When selecting Join Point on the Water Level and the Salinity graphs, on the Well Details page, significant gaps in readings are not joined when the time span is greater than 6 months (water level) or 2 years (salinity).

  • Downloads: The Basic Construction download has been renamed to Construction Summary and a Construction Details download has been added. The Construction Details download is a ZIP file containing separate files for water cut, drilling, casing and production zone details.

  • Well Summary PDF: You can now download a PDF version of an individual well summary, which includes a map of the well's location. This option is available from the Download Data option on the Well Details page.

  • Print Map: When printing the map from Browse Mode, coordinates for the centre of the map are now displayed above the map image.

  • Print Grid: The Print Grid feature now includes a column for Casing Depth.

If you experience difficulties with using Groundwater Data after a new release, we recommend that you first clear your browser history and try again. Browser history is usually found by selecting Options on the Tools menu. If the difficulties persist, or you want to report a fault, Contact Us.

Release v1.32 16/10/2012

  • Map Layers: The reported issue of map layers not being visible to users accessing the site externally has now been resolved.

Release v1.31 13/10/2012

  • Well Names & Comments: Well Names and Comments are temporarily unavailable while they undergo review. They will return when the review is complete. Affected areas are Well Details and Download Data.

  • Print Map: When printing the map from Browse Mode, coordinates for centre of the map are now displayed above the map image.

Release v1.30.1 21/09/2012

  • Interstate wells: Wells that are located beyond the State border and are monitored by DEWNR are now available.

  • Map Layers: The Wells and Well Labels map layers were updated to reflect the inclusion of the relevant interstate wells (above).

Release v1.30 19/09/2012

  • Print Map: Some users were experiencing a login screen when using the Print Map feature; this has been resolved.

  • Download Data: A recent issue preventing downloading of CSV files has been resolved.

Release v1.28 07/09/2012

  • Search by Coordinates: The new Coordinates search tab enables you to search for wells by entering easting/northing or lat/long (decimal) coordinates. A radius option is also provided, enabling you to include surrounding wells.

  • Print Map: This feature now generates a print friendly page in a separate browser window or tab. This provides greater control over printing options, including access to the Print Preview feature. Issues with text overlaps in the printout have been resolved. The well search criteria is now included in the Map Print.

    Note: In most cases, the map navigation features (zoom and pan) are available on the Print Friendly page. However, they are not available if you have one or more map layers turned on. If you need to adjust the view or scale of the map to optimise the printout, do so before selecting the Print Map feature.

  • New map layer: A map layer showing the South East Unconfined Managed Areas has been added to the Map Layers list.

  • Download Data: Stratigraphic Log and Hydrostratigraphic Log have been added to the download options. the Download Data button is now available on the Well Details page. This enables you to download information for an individual well.

    Note: Well Yield and Elevation details are not available for download.

  • Well Details tables: Tables on the Details page have been extended to show more rows, reducing scrolling where applicable.

  • Help: The Help icon on the main page and the Details page has been changed to a Help (text) button for easy identification.

  • About page: The About (this) page has been added to inform users about new and changed features in the latest release of Groundwater Data. An About button, located next to the Help button, provides direct access to this page.

  • Well Labels map layer: The offset for well labels has been increased to reduce the occurrence of a well marker partially obscuring the unit number.

  • Code Definitions: Duplicate entries in the Code Definitions have been resolved.