National Water Commission Reports

To advance understanding of water issues and water management, the National Water Commission (NWC) publishes a series of Waterlines reports, discussion papers and other publications which provide thought leadership on specific water reform issues. These reports suggest approaches and principles for managing water planning in general or specific aspects of water planning. They do not necessarily represent South Australian policy or minimum standards, but South Australia has been involved in varying degrees in the development of these documents and policy staff have found these documents a useful starting point.

Links to a selection of key reports, designed to assist water planners in South Australia are linked below.

Water planning

Water planning in Australia — delivering on the intent of the National Water Initiative: Discussion paper (2012)

Incorporating climate change in water allocation planning (2010)

Integrating the mining sector into water planning and entitlement regimes (2012)

Recognising the broader benefits of aquatic services in water planning: an ecosystems services approach (2012)

Indigenous Fresh Water Planning Forum: Proceedings, Outcomes and Recommendations (2009)

Guidance for Groundwater Storage Utilisation in Water Planning (2012)

Environmental water

Australian environmental water management: 2012 review (2012)

Improving environmental sustainability in water planning (2009)


Groundwater Essentials (2012)

A national approach for investigating and managing poorly understood groundwater systems (2012)

Markets and trade

Water markets in Australia: A short history (2011)

Strengthening Australia's water markets (2011)

Indigenous access

Position Statement on Indigenous access to water resources (2012)

Urban water management

Robust policy design for managed aquifer recharge (2011)

In addition the NWI Policy Guidelines for Water Planning and Management is available on COAG's website. The objective of these guidelines is to assist all jurisdictions' water planners, policy makers and interested stakeholders in developing and implementing NWI-consistent water planning and management arrangements. The document is available as follows:

NWI Policy Guidelines for Water Planning and Management