Data relating to groundwater resources is available in the following resources and tools, on WaterConnect:

Groundwater Data

Interactive map and search tool for viewing information about the State's wells with access to well details including, graphs showing water salinity and water level. It provides a variety of search methods, including filtering the results. Other features include, downloading data, printing search results summary or map, viewing map layers, e.g. prescribed regions.

Science Model Warehouse

Interactive map showing the modelling regions and providing access to the relevant model briefs and reports.

Water Data SA

Access near real-time water observations from surface water and groundwater monitoring networks including water levels, flows, water quality and meteorology, in a variety of interactive views, e.g. map, plot (chart) and table (list). Features include data filtering and export.

Water Resource Assessments Interactive Map

Interactive map showing the state and condition reporting regions and providing access to the relevant information and associated reports.