Real-Time Water Data Overview

Real-Time Water Data provides access to surface water, groundwater and rainfall data collected from networks of water monitoring sites throughout the state

Water monitoring is vital for sustainable water resource management, with monitoring networks established to fulfil any of the following key objectives:

  • Determine resource availability: Monitoring is designed to observe the variability of the resource over the long term in response to climatic and development influences.

  • Ensure resource security: Where close management of the water resources is required, areas have been prescribed under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Act to ensure equitable and sustainable development. Prescription occurs with both Groundwater and Surface water resources and monitoring in these areas is crucial in ensuring the long term viability of the resource.

  • Resource management: Monitoring provides vital data to support operational decisions in the day to day management of key water assets such as the River Murray and South East drainage infrastructure. Data used to support Flood Warning is another important role provided by monitoring networks.

Real-Time Water Data displays near real time and historic data from surface water and groundwater monitoring sites. Water monitoring data can be viewed state-wide or by region, and sub-regions.

Using a telemetry system, the near real time data is generally updated at hourly, three hourly or daily intervals depending on the purpose and variability of the water resource. The range of information available includes:

  • graphical plots of each parameter measured.

  • tabulated summary of current conditions from all sites within the region.

  • plots and tables summarising historic quantity and quality recordings from each site.

For a description of the Australian Drainage Divisions and River Basin Boundaries, see the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website.

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