The Patawalonga Lake System is designed to divert urban stormwater to the sea via the Barcoo Outlet and use Gulf St Vincent tides to flush the lake with ​seawater. It is a man-made lake 1.6 km long running parrallel to the coastline from Glenelg to West Beach.

The primary purpose of the Patawalonga Lake System is to:

  • stop Gulf St Vincent tides from flooding Glenelg North and Adelaide Airport.​
  • divert stormwater in the Sturt river, Keswick and Brownhill Creeks from flooding property along the lake.
  • provide a safe and healthy marine facility in the Glenelg precinct for water sports and aquatic life.

Current water levels

Click the link below to view the current water levels of the Patawalonga Lake system. Includes are links to CCTV cameras for each part of the system. Links at the bottom of the graph provide access to current tide predictions and weather warnings on the Bureau of Meteorology website. Click Refresh to reload the water levels.

​​Visit the How it works page to see an interactive view of the Patawalonga Lake System.