Levee Profile Mapping

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The Department has produced a series of maps showing levee profiles along the lower River Murray between Mannum and Wellington.

The 32 maps are based on aerial images of the irrigation areas and also show chainage (the lengths along levees that correlate with the crest profile of levee banks).

Both Government-owned and private levees - 110 km in total - are included in this map series.

The maps are high-resolution and can be downloaded. They should be used in conjunction with the Department's weekly Flow Advice Update for the latest information on river flows and heights.


  1. These maps have been prepared and are provided by the Department. Although all reasonable care has been taken in preparing these maps, they are provided in good faith and for general information only. No warranty, express or implied, is given as to the completeness, correctness, accuracy, reliability or currency of the information contained in the maps. The Minister for Environment and Water or any employees of the Department accept no liability however arising for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the information contained in the maps or any reliance placed on them. Independent advice should be sought about the information contained in these maps before being relied upon.
  2. These maps have been developed to assist emergency response planning.
  3. Profile data were produced from an aerial survey conducted in May 2010.
  4. Significant repairs have been undertaken on the Mypolonga and Neeta levees. The crest profiles displayed may vary slightly at some locations as a result of these repairs. The information is to be used as a guide only.
  5. Variation in Full Supply Level accounts for wind setup and limits of flow gauging apparatus. These data are to be used in conjunction with weekly flow advices.
  6. 1974 flow levels are based on historical flow data.
  7. Aerial imagery was captured in March 2008.