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UPDATE: The launch of Water Data SA, the new way of accessing and viewing real-time water data, will be available in May. In the transition period leading to the launch, validation of data will pause from 23rd February and resume in time for the launch of Water Data SA.

This means that in Real-Time Water Data, the availability of:

  • verified data will cease from 23rd February.
  • unverified data will continue as normal to ensure the latest data is available.
You will still be able to download plots and CSV files from the Site Info - Historic tab and, where relevant, they will contain verified data up to 23/02/2021.

Water Data SA will contain the full records of verified and unverified data when it launches.
Following the launch, the Real-Time Water Data and the Surface Water Data applications will be switched off on a date to be confirmed.

Key benefits:

  • Easier access to up-to-date information describing the state's water resources for the South Australian Community.

  • Reliable provision of real-time water level and rainfall data to support responses to flood events for the State Emergency Services.

  • More comprehensive automated data feeds describing South Australia's water resources for the Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Reliable and streamlined availability of data describing the Murray River basin extent for South Australia for the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

  • Barrage and lock operations will have streamlined access to current data, the data delivery will be more reliable and dependable for SA Water.

  • Access to extensive water data to inform Environmental Impact Assessments and engineering development projects, e.g. road building and mining operations, for consulting and engineering groups.

  • Access to a rich database of time series and historic data describing South Australian water resources for research and citizen science.

The Groundwater Data System will remain intact; it provides information about all registered wells (bores/drillholes) throughout the State. Where there is real-time data relating to a monitored well, a link will be provided to navigate directly to the relevant data in the new application.

For more information, use Contact Us. Tip: Select the Real-Time Water Data subject and include What's new on WaterConnect in the Message.​​