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Water Data SA, the new way of accessing and viewing real-time water data, is now available. It includes complete records of verified and unverified data.

Click here to go to Water Data SA.

The Real-Time Water Data and the Surface Water Data applications will be switched off on 30th June 2021. Until then, you will still be able to:

  • access verified data up to 23rd February.
  • access the latest unverified data.
  • download plots and CSV files from the Site Info - Historic tab and, where relevant, they will contain verified data up to 23rd February.

Key benefits of Water Data SA:

  • Easier access to up-to-date information describing the state's water resources for the South Australian Community.
  • Reliable provision of real-time water level and rainfall data to support responses to flood events for the State Emergency Services.
  • More comprehensive automated data feeds describing South Australia's water resources for the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Reliable and streamlined availability of data describing the Murray River basin extent for South Australia for the Murray Darling Basin Authority.
  • Barrage and lock operations will have streamlined access to current data, the data delivery will be more reliable and dependable for SA Water.
  • Access to extensive water data to inform Environmental Impact Assessments and engineering development projects, e.g. road building and mining operations, for consulting and engineering groups.
  • Access to a rich database of time series and historic data describing South Australian water resources for research and citizen science.

The Groundwater Data System remains​ intact; it provides information about all registered wells (bores/drillholes) throughout the State. Where there is real-time data relating to a monitored well, a link will be provided to navigate directly to the relevant data in the new application.

For more information, click Contact Us. Tip: Select the Water Data SA subject.