Work in progress includes:

  • Goyder Institute: G-FLOWS Stage 2 commenced July 2013. This uses methodologies developed from Stage 1 with a focus on the northern Eyre Peninsula area where there are several operating mining developments and a number of developments proposed.

  • Non-prescribed Areas: Eyre Peninsula non-prescribed areas (Phase 2) groundwater field assessment commenced in March 2013 to improve baseline groundwater information on salinity and water levels and to undertake hydro-chemical sampling in developing an improved understanding of groundwater processes. These results will be tied in to 3D aquifer geometry products that have also been developed. The project is to be completed December 2013.

  • Arckaringa and Pedirka Basins: The Arckaringa Basin and Pedirka Basin groundwater assessment Stage 2 is being defined with the project scheduled to start in July 2013. This project is funded by the Commonwealth.