The State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) outlines a plan for South Australia to prepare for, manage and respond to natural disasters.

Under this framework, ten State Hazards have been identified which have the potential to impact South Australia. The State Hazards have an appointed a Hazard Leader and a Control Agency (response agency) to manage activities relating to these hazards across government and non-government organisations.

DEWNR has been appointed the Hazard Leader for the two State Hazards of flood and riverbank collapse, because we are deemed to have the resources and expertise to undertake a leadership role in planning for these hazards. Information on riverbank collapse can be found here.

As Hazard Leader, we coordinate a multi-agency approach to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from these hazards

Increasing community awareness about the risks of floods in their areas, assisting the community with making decisions about actions to take in the event of an emergency.
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Riverbank collapse is a hazard for South Australia along the 210 km stretch of the River Murray between Lock 1 at Blanchetown and Wellington. Low water levels reduces the stability of some sections of riverbank along this stretch. The possibility of collapse poses risks to people living or visiting the riverbank, or those mooring a boat or houseboat.
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