Flood Awareness Map




As Flood Hazard Leader, the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) takes a leadership and coordination role for the planning of activities relating to flood in South Australia. This role is led by the Fire and Flood Management Unit within DEW.
The Fire and Flood Management Unit works closely with a number of agencies to undertake activities to help prevent, prepare, respond and recover from floods. These include the South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) the Control Agency (response agency) for flood, the South Australian Fire and Emergency Commission (SAFECOM), the Bureau of Meteorology, State and Local Government and non-government organisations.
The Flood Awareness Map on this website and the Frequently Asked Questions about flood have been designed to assist the public with learning about their flood risk.  This project has been developed with funding support from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, an initiative of the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience.
Other activities that the Fire and Flood Management Unit are currently undertaking include:
  • Assisting emergency response including the SES with operational activities during a flood event;

  • With the support of SAFECOM, undertaking risk assessments to identify the priority flood risks in South Australian Emergency Management Zones and the state;

  • In partnership with DEW’s River Murray Operations Unit, providing flood warnings for the River Murray in South Australia and advice to the community and emergency managers on River Murray flood risk;

  • Working with a range of government agencies, councils and other stakeholders to improve flood management in areas such as flood warning, land use planning, community awareness, mitigation and emergency management.

For further information about emergency management planning in South Australia or the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, visit the South Australian Fire and Emergency Commission page.
For more information about how to prepare for a flood or what to do in the event of a flood, visit the SES FloodSafe page.
For current information on flooding, such as flood warnings, rainfall and river levels, visit the Bureau of Meteorology page. 

Funding for the Flood Awareness Map and associated web pages was provided by the Commonwealth Attorney Generals Department and the South Australian State Government from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program administered by the South Australia Fire and Emergency Service Commission.

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